Civica Scuola di Cinema

The School has been operating since the '60's and has trained whole generations of professionals who are well-known names in the regional and national audiovisual market, such as journalist Benedetta Tobagi, directors Michelangelo Frammartino, Maurizio Zaccaro and Roberta Torre, editor Carlotta Cristiani, photography director Gino Sgreva, author Francesco Mandelli.

Theoretical education and laboratory research and production have always been the focus of our teaching methods, placing a great deal of attention on the evolution of systems and languages, comparing its approach constantly to the world of art and production.

Production is the experimental activity in which all the main formats are tackled: fiction, information, advertising, videoclips, multicamera direction, installations, series. Research often carried out in collaboration with third parties such as museums, theatres, non-profit associations. The teachers include authors and professionals such as Marina Spada, Tonino Curagi, Guido Orlandi, Andrea Treccani, Massimo Mariani. Temporary staff also include such professionals as Luca Lucini, Alina Marazzi, Maurizio Nichetti, Pasquale Plastino, Carlo Sigon.

These activities are part of the teaching process and turn the school into a kind of apprentice’s workshop, which forms a sort of natural bridge between the students and the job market. The set, the organisation, the shooting phase, editing, special effects and sound are situations in which the students can work in small groups or in real film crews, where they can come to grips with their skills and with the rules that govern the audiovisual world. Creativity, expertise, group work are the basic elements of our teaching method and what makes it possible for our graduates to successfully find employment in such a specific market.


Three-year courses (Eight curricula)

Direction / Production / Film Writing / Multimedia / Editing / Digital Animation / Video Shooting and Photography / Sound Design and Broadcast Systems

One-year evening courses

Screenwriting / Documentaries / Film Production / Multimedia / Video-Reporting

Crash courses

Film Workshops / Journalists Refresher Courses (only for memebers of the Journalists' Association) / Teacher Training (in collaboration with AGIS, ANEC and MIUR) / Summer School

International Programmes

The School is an active member of the International Association of Film and Television Schools (CILECT). It takes part in the Association’s activities and in international projects developed both in this circuit and with individual partners. It promotes numerous events to popularise the products of the other members of the Association (presentations in festivals, organisation of the Cilect Prize Marathon, etc.). Since 2013, international exchange programmes with film schools from around the world have been very popular; students from abroad spend time training at our School and viceversa. Besides this, courses in English have become part of the curriculum so as to allow the students to become fluent in technical terms and to acquire open-mindedness and an international outlook for their future profession.

Cinema and the City

The School regularly takes part in numerous festivals, with contesting films. The same applies to presentations and learning and research activities. Among these are: Bergamo Film Meeting, the African Film Festival, the Italian Cinema seen from Milan and the Milan Film Festival, which hosts the School’s yearly fair. A number of commercials, short movies and documentaries of the School’s students are shown in many cinemas as part of their regular programming. It is of fundumental importance for the School to entertain relations with companies operating in the film and TV business such as Rai5 and SkyArte for the production of documentaries and TV formats that are regularly broadcast. A job placement service allows student to find internships in companies of primary importance (Mediaset, RAI, SKY, Lumiere, Indiana, etc.) in order to complete their professional training and find suitable jobs on the market. “Gli Incontri della Civica” (meetings with the Civica) offers the citizens of Milan the opportunity to approach the world of film and television production.